Intermission Hostel
Kalfarveien 8, Bergen, Norway

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Intermission offer you the unique combination of the cheapest bed in Bergen, and cozy, \'homy\' atmosphere close to town! It`s only 7 minutes walk to the center of town, including the famous Fishmarket and Bryggen.

The house is old and traditional. The last years the owner has modernized the second floor, but in a way that combines the old and the new. This is where you find Intermission. It is a refreshing style appealing to all ages! We have a very cozy living room for your use in the evenings; including a good sofa, one long table and smaller ones. A piano can be used to entertain.

But it doesn\'t stop there. Every evening you get tea, coffee and biscuits for free. Every Monday and Thursday nights, we serve you free waffles in the evening, and create an atmosphere that our guests love!

If you are interested in visiting mount Ulriken, the highest mountain in Bergen, the bus that takes you near the cable-car stops right outside the hostel. This bus stops only 2 minutes walk from the famous cable-car that will take you to the top of the mountain!

Intermission Hostel is open from mid-June to mid-August.

Check in time from 3.00 PM



Intermission is situated near the city-center. It is the Hostel that is closest to the trafical junction with the railwaystation and the bus-station. Especially for back-packers, and others with a lot of luggage, this is very practical. Coming from the train, turn right out of the station, turn right and follow the street to the end (approx. 90 meter), turn left up the rising road. Pass the road and walk through the White Citygate. Pass another road and walk the paveroad only 5 meters, and you have found Intermission at Kalfarveien 8 on your left side, after only two minutes walk!

If you arrive at the bus-station, it lies just beside the railwaystation. Just walk to the east, or ask your way to the railwaystation, and you can follow the description over!